Cinq-Mars-la-Pile, France

Cinq-Mars-la-Pile Town Hall


In every city there are public buildings that serve the citizens. They may be dedicated to administrative tasks, legal or economic matters, cultural issues or sports facilities.

In all towns and cities, the town hall is an important presence. It is the place from which the public servants elected by the citizens govern the city to make it a more habitable place for society and to resolve the demands of the people who live in that city. The first element that every citizen encounters, apart from the façade of the building, is the entrance door. It is necessary for the entrance and exit of the building to be quick and agile, and an automatic door facilitates this transit of people.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects was developed in the town hall of Cinq-Mars-la-Pile, a town located in the central region of France, a few kilometres from the city of Tours. There, with the help of the distributor Axed Portes Automatiques, an automatic telescopic sliding door was installed to allow the fluid access of people and to eliminate architectural barriers, providing the building with a great accessibility. As it is an old and elegant building, the installation was designed to integrate the automatic doors harmoniously and in accordance with the architectural ensemble of the façade.

The automatic door installed in the Cinq-Mars-la-Pile town hall also improves the building's energy efficiency by preventing the building's door from being left open by mistake and preventing sudden changes in temperature when the air conditioning or heating is on.

Mairie porte-automatique-cinq-mars-la-pile