Barcelona, Spain

Automatic doors in cultural buildings: Disseny Hub Barcelona


The Disseny Hub de Barcelona (DHub) is a public center dedicated to promoting the Creative Industries and sharing the heritage and culture of design. This institution promotes various areas such as design, architecture, audiovisual, innovation and technology, through policies that seek to support local and international creative talent. It houses the Design Museum, which offers exhibitions and activities open to the public, as well as conferences, festivals and awards.

The museum is housed in an emblematic and innovative building designed by MBM Arquitectes and completed in 2014. Poblenou, the neighborhood in which it is located, is part of the 22@ District, the city's technological hub that is also projected as a vibrant cultural center.

Manusa has collaborated with the DHub in the improvement of its accesses, to make them more functional and more energy efficient. For this purpose, we installed automatic doors in several key points such as the main entrance, where we automated the swing doors, as well as in the accesses to the different areas of the building where we installed side-opening automatic doors, according to the particular needs of each area.

automatic door museum

Accessibility in museums and cultural buildings

These automatic doors facilitate the continuous and orderly flow of visitors, and ensure easy and comfortable access for people with reduced mobility. Removing architectural barriers is essential to ensure that all people can access public buildings and spaces. This promotes inclusion, while improving comfort for users.

Silent automatic doors for museums

One of the main features of Manusa doors is that they are quiet, providing a quiet and comfortable environment that enhances the visitor experience.

By generating minimal noise when opening and closing, the automatic doors allow visitors to immerse themselves in the exhibits without distractions. This property helps preserve the quality of the sensory experience sought in these environments.

Sustainability and energy efficiency in museums and exhibition halls

The presence of Manusa automatic doors prevents sudden temperature changes inside the building. These doors have the highest opening and closing speed in the market, a fundamental property especially at the entrance door of the building, since it allows to maintain the air conditioning inside the museum, avoiding unnecessary temperature loss.

This is how, through the access solutions we have developed at Manusa, we manage to optimize the energy efficiency of the building, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

design museum automatic door

Functionality while maintaining aesthetics

In Manusa we have installed these automatic doors respecting the avant-garde architectural aesthetics of the Disseny Hub Barcelona, integrating them in a way that does not break the visual aesthetics of the space and contributing to maintain its attractiveness.

If you manage a cultural space and want to incorporate automatic doors in your facilities, contact us now and we will tell you which are the best solutions to offer visitors the best experience.