Rawalpindi BRT system– Islamabad Metrobus

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In many cities around the world, public transport is essential for millions of people. From early in the morning, many people use the bus to travel from home to work, to the hospital, to a shopping centre or supermarket, or to enjoy leisure and entertainment.

Particularly at peak times or weekends, bus stations can become crowded, which can lead to incidents such as pushing, shoving, falling or other problems that can result in an accidental run-over. In this sense, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system helps to manage this flow of people.

Manusa, together with its distributor in Pakistan, MESI Group Ltd, was in charge of the manufacture of the integrated system of automatic doors for BRT line stations between the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This is part of the TransPeshawar project, responsible for favouring the connection between these two cities separated by little more than 20 kilometres. Manusa manufactured a total of 430 gates that were installed along the 31 stations, as well as the control system, while MESI Group was in charge of the installation and service.

Thanks to this control and management system, it is possible to synchronise the opening and closing of both the dock and the vehicle, allowing a coordinated and safe passage of passengers. This has made it possible to provide accessibility to more than half a million people, which is almost 18% of the population of the area.

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