Majorca, Spain

Tickets gates for the ‘Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca’ (SFM) line


In big cities and their peripheries, we are used to using public transport to get from one place to another, whether for work, leisure or other reasons. Most urban transport services such as bus, metro, train or tram have automated access controls in the stations that allow users to pass through thanks to a ticket or transport card.

At Manusa we have more than 50 years of experience in the sector of automatic doors and access control systems, and we were the company in charge of installing ticket barriers in a total of 15 stations located on the two lines of the "Servei ferroviari de Mallorca" (SFM).

In total, 21 PRM (people with reduced mobility) type ticket barriers were installed, which are characterised by having a passage width of 900 mm, wider than usual, allowing for the fluid transit of wheelchairs. All the equipments have a contactless ticketing system and integrated QR code reader to allow quick opening and efficient passage by bringing the ticket close to the machine.

Manusa ticket barriers offer a fast, smooth and silent operation, and with a robust and functional design, they can be integrated with any type of access control readers. Thanks to their low maintenance and low power consumption, they are suitable for installations with high passenger traffic.

These access controls guarantee an adequate passenger control in the railway system of Mallorca, which provides security against possible intrusions of people without tickets on the platforms and in the carriages.

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