Advantages of replacing a manual door with an automatic door in our resident's community

Our home is the place where we spend a large part of our lives and where we enjoy great moments. Home is where we live with our family, watch our children growing up, enjoy time with friends and rest after long working days.

Doors are a common feature of homes and can be found in all houses and residential areas. In the outside area they are essential to prevent, for example, any undesired intrusions. As a rule, most houses built in the 20th century have only manual doors that work with a metal key.

Many architects are planning new homes that integrate innovative automatic doors and other intelligent entrances into the entrance to the residential area. What are the advantages of installing automatic doors at the entrance to a property?

  • Accessibility and mobility: If there is someone in a residential community who is in a wheelchair, walks with crutches or has difficulty moving around, automatic doors are a great help for the traffic because it is not necessary to use your hands to open or close them. This provides full barrier-free access also for people carrying shopping bags or pushing a pram.

  • Energy efficiency: In most blocks of flats with manual doors, it is common for a draught to cause a loud closing of the door after opening a window in the staircase. In addition, the door to the entrance hall can be left open and the heat from the heating or the cold from the air- conditioning system can leak out. In addition, the transparency of the automatic door leaves allows natural light to flood in, which reduces the electricity consumption of the entrance hall lights.

  • Privacy: Automatic doors can be accessed by means of a numerical key or biometric reading. This provides greater security against unwanted intrusions. Fire doors can also be installed in shared areas such as storerooms and stairwells.

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The design, manufacture and installation of these elements represent a very profitable cost for the neighbourhood community as it only involves a small effort on the part of each owner. In addition, automatic doors enhance the value of the property by giving it an exclusive and modern look.

Whether you work in an architecture studio or you are an administrator of a community of owners, you can install Manusa automatic doors in the accesses to the house. Contact us now and we will evaluate which is the best intelligent access; we will customise the design according to the needs and the space where it will be installed.