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Automatic doors for outdoor recreational facilities

puertas automaticas centros de ocio

People spend significant amount of their time on recreation. These are moments of entertainment that they share with friends and family, or are enjoyed alone.

This recreational time often takes place outdoors, at amusement parkszoos or theme parks. These recreational areas host a large number of people, primarily at weekends and during the holidays. This social influx requires order and control at the entrances and exits to avoid crowds and other types of problem affecting times of fun.

Thanks to the Manusa access controls, the transit of people at the entrances and exists of these outdoor recreational facilities is improved. These is a series of systems that help with this task:


Smart accesses increase safety in recreational facilities

These types of smart access improve the safety of the place, as they can be opened quickly in the event of an emergency or if rapid evacuation is required. For example, in the event of an incident, doors with a panic break-out system can be folded back simply by pushing them outwards to lie flat against the sides, to allow a wide evacuation transit area. It is also important to highlight fire-proof doors that, thanks to their reinforced design, are ideal for compartmentalising and protecting certain areas inside a recreational facility in the event of a fire.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that automatic doors favour the accessibility of people in wheelchairs and families with small children in a pushchair.

Manusa is working every day on improving the quality of life of society. Leisure helps improve the physical and mental health of people. Automatic doors and automatic access controls are a help for everyone.

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