Automatic doors help keep the heat in during winter

puertas automaticas invierno calefaccion eficiencia energetica

Sustainability takes a prominent place in corporate social responsibility reports for all companies, both large and small. Caring for the planet has become an ethical obligation, and society also values its importance.

Thousands of businesses throughout the world show that the automatic doors help to improve energy efficiency in buildings and premises. This not only improves sustainability and the environment, but it also reduces monthly energy consumption.

As the air conditioning or the heating is turned on, automatic doors prevent the heat or cold from propagating outside the building or residence when doors have been left open.

It is better that the temperature of a property remains uniform to prevent illnesses caused by quick cold-hot temperature changes. As automatic doors close completely when the sensor does not detect movement or the presence of an object or person, they keep the building or the premises at a stable temperature at any time of the year and, especially, during the summer and winter months.

How Does an Automatic Door Save Energy?

Automatic sliding doors are those commonly seen in places such as supermarkets, hotels, shopping centres or offices. They provide maximum opening speed, and are ideal for areas with an intense transit of people. These types of intelligent access have low energy consumption, and save energy in the buildings where they are installed. In addition, their thermal insulation provides greater energy containment and savings.

Thanks to the wide rage of customisation possibilities and their maximum security system, these Manusa automatic doors are the best solution for any company. They are specially designed to guarantee the lowest visual impact and greater integration within different architectural ensembles.