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The Best Automatic Accesses for Hotel Dining Rooms and Open Buffets

puerta automatica restaurante bufet manusa

When we enjoy the experience of having breakfast, lunch or dinner at an open buffet, we mainly look for an appetising meal, and that the transit between the table and the food counters is quick and easy.

Normally, open buffets are found in hotels. The customer finds various trays and food counters comprising both hot and cold dishes, and chooses the quantity and variety that they desire without the need for waiting staff. Usually, these restaurants have a fixed price, and the customers can eat as much as they like.

Automatic accesses are extremely useful for these types of areas. For example, in the case of hotels, they have had to reconsider their access due to new measures that need to be adopted as a result of Covid-19. At the entrance, they can install a motorised swing gate, which allows people to enter and exit in a quick and safe manner.

The customers can access at the allocated time slot, reducing the typical crowds that are often found at these buffets. It is possible to integrate different validation systems in the access control system, such as fingerprint recognition or wrist bands, whose reader is incorporated into the gate. These type of validation systems offer managers the possibility to control the seating capacity, extremely important during these COVID times, and they can also know how many customers made use of the food service.

Automatic Doors for Kitchen Access

On the other hand, we should consider the restaurants employees. An open buffet is not a quiet area with regards to movement of people, since customers are always getting up from their seats for food. Also, the workers are replacing dishes constantly, as well as collecting used plates, glasses, and cutlery.

The automatic doors between the dining room and the kitchen facilitate the day-to-day operations of employees, since they need to roll out large trolleys with containers and trays that must arrive to the counters as quickly as possible. In addition, in establishments where we want to increase safety levels, a fire-resistant automatic door can be installed, since it prevents flames, heat and smoke from reaching the dining room in the event of a kitchen fire.

Thanks to Manusa’s automatic accesses, a more pleasant stay for customers and a better working environment for chefs and waiting staff is achieved.