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The evolution of commands and controls on automatic doors

control remoto mando puerta automatica remote mandos a distancia manusa

The history books say that it was at the end of the 19th century when the famous Nikola Tesla invented the first remote control. Subsequent improvements to the prototype, and the innovations made have turned it into one of the most commonplace items in society.

The first steps in the remote control switched an appliance on or off, or kept it on standby. The military industry saw it as an interesting item, and consumer electronics adopted it for all types of electrical appliance, such as the television. Changing channel or raising and lowering the volume from the comfort of the sofa was a turning point in the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.

The industry related to the manufacture of automatic doors also saw remote controls and control accessories as something very possible. The goal was to automate the opening and closing of doors as much as possible in all types of building, such as airports, banks, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, office complexes or hospitals.

The best controls for automatic doors

There is an extensive range of remote controls to open and close doors automatically. This includes the following:

  • Optima Pocket + remote control for automatic doors: This enables you to control the automatic door and receive feedback on the status of the door.
  • Optima program switch: This offers full control of the door, changing the operating mode (open, closed, automatic, etc.) and providing access to the Technical Service functions. Malfunctions can also be checked.
  • Smart program switch: This can be used to change the operating mode, access the Technical Service functions, or check operating malfunctions.

The best remote control accessories for intelligent accesses

A series of products is available to efficiently manage entrances and exits through an automatic door.

  • Optima + program switch: This enables you to control the door remotely and receive feedback thanks to the IoT technology built into the accessory.
  • Airlinx wireless program switch: This can be used to control one or several doors remotely, and to receive data on their status. Thanks to the Airlinx, a wireless network can be created among different doors, making wiring connections a thing of the past.
  • Manulink: This is centralised control software for automatic doors. It will inform you of the status of the doors, and can be used to program changes in operations or simply modify them. This accessory enables you to view IP cameras and check data on influx control and people counting.

This type of product is constantly evolving. Since the first prototypes of the automatic door were invented by Heron of Alexandria, mankind has been aware that automation makes life easier.