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Accessories that can help avoid coronavirus Covid-19

sensor de movimiento puertas automaticas motion automatic door

Gloves, masks and disinfectant gels have become commonplace items in the lives of millions of citizens worldwide due to coronavirus Covid-19.

In public spaces, almost nobody touches the button with their hand to switch on a light or open a door. Most people use their elbow to activate that element.

There is a series of accessories that can help avoid contact due to coronavirus. A list of them is provided below:

  • Photocells: a mechanism for automatic doors that consists of a switch that detects objects and people as they move over the threshold of the door and that prevents it from closing in the presence of obstacles.
  • Movement switch: A device that automatically opens a door when a person approaches.
  • Touchless switch: An accessory designed specifically for spaces where hygiene must be maintained. The door will open when users bring their hand or elbow up to the touchless switch, without having to touch it.
  • DDS hybrid switch: A mechanism for automatic doors with an innovative design that combines microwave technology, which triggers the door to open, and active infra-red sensors (AIR), which guarantee personal safety.

Automatic doors in relation to Covid-19

The different types of automatic door must be added to all these accessories and mechanisms to avoid having to touch the glass, the handles or the door knobs. Their presence and movement switch will trigger and open the accesses when a person approaches the door or is simply standing within the detection radius.