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The best automatic doors for book stores

E-commerce has caused many companies to adapt their business to change from a conventional business style to start to use digital platforms. Other sectors that have not been able to adapt have had to close or have been absorbed by multinational Internet commerce.

Despite this, many small and medium-sized companies continue with their task of serving and selling to their customers face-to-face. A good example of this are bookstores.

In large and small cities, we find stores dedicated to the sale of books and other related items such as pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, etc. Many of them sell not only new publications but also second-hand books.

These stores are usually not very large and need to take advantage of the maximum amount of space to be able to display their products on shelves, tables, and counters. Although it may seem to be a place that is does not have a high volume of customers, we should bear in mind that the number of customers will increase on special dates such as Book Day, Christmas or during the back-to-school season, when parents must buy the equipment for their children's new school year. It is helpful and effective to have automatic doors at the entrance of the store at these busy times.

puerta automatica tiendas de libros

Intelligent entrances improve the user experience in bookstores

Both the standard automatic sliding door and the telescopic sliding door offer a great performance for retailers and provide a good user experience for those who come to buy books. These intelligent accesses provide maximum opening in minimum space and can be customized in sizes, finishes and colors. In addition, their leaves can be designed according to the needs of the bookseller, including the store logo, letters or vinyl’s that providing an attractive and personalized feature to the establishment. All this with the guarantee of products that comply with the EN16005 standard on the safety use of automatic pedestrian doors.

Do you have a bookstore and want to improve the space and access from the street? Contact us now and we will work to design, manufacture, and install automatic doors that attract people's attention and attract new customers.