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The best automatic doors for houses

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An increasing number of architects are designing residential areas and private homes that include technological elements to make life easier for those who decide to live in them.

Building companies and estate agents of semi-detached, terraced or detached houses launch their developments in order to attract the attention and interest of families that need more space for their children to grow, or couples looking for a place where they can enjoy their private lives and downtime.

As well as the size of the plot, the characteristics presented include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or whether or not it has a pool or solar panels on the roof. Also important is the presence of automatic doors in the home.

Intelligent accesses can be installed both outside and inside houses.

The automatic accesses designed, manufactured and installed by Manusa provide the best results in terms of accessibility, security, exclusivity and design. Thanks to the customisation of each project, the automatic doors ensure the easy movement of people with reduced mobility, such as the elderly or people in wheelchairs, or in specific situations such as when pushing a pram or carrying weight with our hands full.

Houses with domotics and biometrics

Thanks to cutting edge technology systems, such as biometrics and domotics, the automatic opening and closure of the doors is controlled by voice, facial recognition or smartphone. Security reaches new heights, as the entrance to the house will never be left open by accident, thus avoiding unwanted intrusions.

Do you need to install automatic doors in your house, cottage, farmhouse, estate, country house or weekend home? Contact us now to find the best solution we can offer at Manusa.