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The Efficiency of Telescopic Doors: Making the Maximum Use of Space

Puerta Corredera telescopica Central Desnuda Sector Transporte Cremallera manusa

When an architect plans a new building or property, they aim at arranging the elements in the best possible way and providing the most space possible for the people that live, work or pursue leisure activities there.

In these types of designs, doors play a part, both for accessing the building and for the interior distribution separating corridors, common areas and various rooms.

Thanks to Manusa automatic doors, not only is the design and energy efficiency of the building improved, but the available space is also optimised. A good example of this is the automatic telescopic sliding door.

It is worth highlighting that they are the ideal solution for building entrances with limited space, for separating corridors or to expand and maximise access in narrow areas. This product has many customisable options, and adapts perfectly to any type of structure.

This ability to fit any architectural space creates aesthetic harmony, resulting in elegant doors with a visually avant-garde design.

Accessibility Guaranteed in all Types of Buildings

Depending on the needs of each customer and each architecture firm, telescopic doors can feature a bi-parting or a side opening. They meet high safety standards and provide an added value in the comfortable transit of people, since they open and close automatically.

People in wheelchairs, with a pushchair, or laden with cases or bags, are thankful that they do not need to use their hands to push a door open to gain access to the building. With automatic doors, accessibility is guaranteed, since they can have a through area which is two thirds of the door space. Their main features are:

  • Maximum opening in minimum space
  • Compatible with transparent glass or framed leaves
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Possibility of combining with or without fixed leaves

Hotels, bank branches, office premises, restaurants, shopping centres or residential areas are ideal candidates for telescopically opening sliding doors. Do you want to know more? Contact us now.