Lleida, Spain

Ekke Gym


People’s desire to improve their physical appearance through sport has increased over recent years. This is why a lot of gyms have sprung up in many cities, helping exercise the body and get into shape to tackle every-day physical wear and tear.

Most buildings, whether they be offices, restaurants, hospitals or hotels, already have accesses that open and close automatically. This improves energy efficiency, as the heating temperature in winter and the air conditioning in summer is preserved better.

Sports areas are also working adapting their facilities, part of which includes automatic doors. Manusa installed several of its products at the Ekke Gym, in Lleida.

The main entrance consists of a bi-parting sliding door with two fixed leaves and a panic break-out system. Given that the leaves have no vertical stiles, the space was used to install large vinyl adhesives on the four leaves to make up the name of the gym: EKKE. This helps customers and visitors find the gym easily. It is a good marketing stunt to remember the brand image.

For the restaurant, side opening telescopic doors were installed, which also included vinyl adhesives with floral details, in line with the decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant.

These accesses allow people, most of whom are carrying a sports bag and have their hands full, to move around more easily. The motion switch will open the access and customers to the gym in Lleida can come and go as they please.

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