Gothenburg, Sweden

Spine Center Göteborg


One of the most rapidly-evolving sectors responding to the needs of society is healthcare. Every year sees the creation of new hospitals and clinics worldwide, which seek to help millions of people improve their quality of life through surgery, innovative medical treatments or therapies, and routine check-ups.

Other health centres built years ago are adapting to 21st-century technology using innovative products that improve the time spent in the buildings. Public administrations and private entities related to healthcare are working to ensure that people are as comfortable as possible in what are usually uncomfortable situations. After all, nobody normally visits a doctor when they are well.

One of Manusa’s hallmark projects is in Sweden at Spine Center Gothenburg. This is a health centre exclusively specialising in spinal surgery. It offers professional, personalised treatment to patients with problems related to the neck, thorax or in the lumbar region.

automatic doors goteborg sweeden Spine Center Gothenburg

With the support of Thermod, Manusa supplied hermetic Clear View glass doors. These automatic doors have a specific design which ensures airtight environments in certain rooms or areas, such as observation rooms in hospitals. They also provide clear visibility of the interior as well as guaranteeing optimum pressure, hygiene, temperature and humidity.

Automatic door systems in hospitals and operating theatres

The professionalism demonstrated by the installation technicians ensured that any type of infection was prevented in highly-sensitive areas such as the centre's operating theatres. The high quality of Manusa’s automatic doors guarantee isolation against any external elements. This enables isolated areas to be built without compromising all of the benefits of automatic doors. Additionally, there is a wide range of accessories and different measurements, finishings and colours which do not compromise airtightness or safety.

puertas automaticas suecia manusa Spine Center Gothenburg