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Automatic doors improve energy efficiency in restaurants

restaurante puerta automatica manusa corredera

Comfort is a key feature that keeps us coming back to a restaurant, as well as the menu, the expertise of the chefs and the treatment by the staff. This perception changes when we are the owners or managers of a place dedicated to hospitality and catering. In this case, we not only take care of the aspects mentioned above, but also of the number of satisfied customers, the financial benefits at the end of the month and the energy efficiency.

Technology and innovation bring added value to the customer experience. One of the aspects that favours this is the presence of automatic doors in the entrance. This type of access has a number of features including safety, hygiene, elegance and accessibility.

As well as smart entrances on the outside of the building, smart entrances on the inside of the building, for example kitchen doors, make it easier for employees and waiters to do their job, as they most certainly have their hands full with food, trays, plates and beverages. The proximity sensor will quickly trigger the opening of the door so that the flow of employees is smooth and efficient. This allows for the partitioning of the rooms inside the establishment.

Automatic doors also improve energy efficiency in restaurants. They prevent sudden changes in temperature caused by a draught when a door is accidentally left open. Automatic door closures ensure that the temperature of the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer does not fluctuate too much.

How to install automatic doors in a restaurant?

In order to install Manusa automatic doors in a restaurant you must take the following steps:

  • Contact Manusa and describe the needs and characteristics of the establishment to our team of professionals.
  • Choose the door type, with help from our team. Standard automatic sliding doors or automatic telescopic sliding doors are the best solutions. Our accesses are fully customisable, in order to adapt 100% to the needs and architectural context of each business. That is why we offer a wide range of woodwork, finishes, materials, glass, etc... There is also the possibility of including LED lighting and decorative vinyl.
  • Agree with Manusa on the best time to install the product to avoid inconveniencing employees and customers. It is even possible to carry out the installation outside working hours.
  • Installation of the automatic doors by our team.

Do you need to install smart access in your restaurant in order to improve energy efficiency and be more environmentally sustainable? At Manusa we will take care of everything, help you through the process and we are by your side throughout the after-sales service period.

Any doubts?