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Automatic doors for nursing and care home

Most people in our society is grateful for the existence of automatic doors. They are present in thousands of places all over the world such as airports, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, or train stations.

They improve the movement of people, which is particularly appreciated by those who have reduced mobility and must move around in wheelchairs, with crutches or canes. One of the most difficult groups to move, as a rule, are the elderly or senior citizens.

Nursing homes, retirement homes or care homes are buildings in which automatic doors are a great help, since their users do not have to use their hands to enter or exit the building to the street or a garden area.

puertas automaticas asilo geriatrico

The best automatic doors for a care home

We recommend the installation of automatic sliding doors. Manusa manufactures several models:

The standard sliding door is the most common and can be seen frequently in many different buildings. For narrow accesses, we recommend the installation of the telescopic sliding door since it allows the maximum opening in the minimum space. On the other hand, the curved or semicircular sliding door is usually installed in the entrances to buildings, as it provides a sense of elegance, without sacrificing the security offered by a standard automatic door.

Manusa designs, manufactures, and installs automatic doors in this type of buildings to improve the quality of life of employees and residents. In addition, the energy efficiency of the building will improve since the heat of the heating in winter and the cold of the air conditioning in summer are not lost. This is thanks to the speed at which the door is opened, as it remains open for as little time as possible, thus helping to minimize heat transmission, as well as air leakage and infiltration.

Do you manage or run a nursing home or care home and want to improve the ease of access for residents and visitors? Contact us now and we will work on your project in a personalized way to improve the quality of access for everyone using the facility.