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Automatic doors with motion sensors

puerta corredera

Shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, offices and so on, it is becoming increasingly commonplace and natural to find automatic doors that open as users approach in a wide variety of buildings. The doors are all designed to open proactively when a motion sensor is activated.

Automatic doors can also be activated using a remote control, a feature that is typically encountered, for example, in the entrance to apartment block garages. However, this type of system is discussed in other posts in this blog.

Motion-controlled automatic doors offer users a great advantage because they can be doing other actions without having to worry about opening the door. The software is programmed to perform an action when it detects motion in a previously determined area through the use of infrared sensors.

Advantages of motion sensors in doors

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of automatic accesses such as sliding, revolving or swing doors. Although it may be subconscious, users feel “inconvenienced” when they arrive at one of the buildings mentioned at the beginning of this post and they need to use their hands to open the door.

Sensors have therefore become particularly relevant in these products, a notable example being the DDS hybrid model; as have drive units fitted with the appropriate Visio model, important versions including the 125 HD, 175 HD and the 100.

Temperature regulation is another advantage of automatic doors with motion sensors. Buildings fitted with this type of product are guaranteed to minimise their heating or air conditioning costs as nobody will leave the door open by accident.

The type of door leaves is also very important in this regard. Transparent and framed leaves are very popular; they are chosen by a large number of customers and installed in areas with a high circulation of people.