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How Are Automatic Sliding Doors Installed?

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Automatic sliding doors are the most standardised models in the world around. They can be seen in a multitude of places such as airport terminals, office buildings, shopping centres, shops, supermarkets… It is a guarantee of safety and functionality, both for the companies that install them as well as for the customers that use them.

In addition to the standard product, especially designed for accesses with large numbers of people, there also exists the telescopic automatic sliding door, designed for entrances with limited space or where an exceptional clear width is required; also, there is the semi-circular and curved automatic sliding door, designed, manufactured and installed with different radii and degrees of curvature, according to the needs and demands of each place and customer.

Steps for Installing an Automatic Sliding Door

How are these types of product installed? The automatic sliding doors’ installation should be carried out by an authorised professional that knows the product and how it operates. It is not a simple task, as it does not involve just placing the glass and a track to slide along.

  • The Location. The first step is to know the location where the door will be installed. What conditions should the space meet? The ground must be smooth and level, the walls stable, it must be taken into account whether it is for indoors or outdoors, the temperature and humidity of the area will need to be evaluated to ensure it meets certain standards. BIM projects help us in this design task.
  • The Manufacture. Once a design has been chosen and we know it is viable, we begin the door’s manufacturing process. We will be able to choose the materials, dimensions, finishes, colours, how it will open, what accessories to include, what type of leaves, select the opening speed thanks to the high-quality motors, etc.
  • The Installation. Although some people believe that an automatic door can be installed without building work, experience has demonstrated this is not the case. The installation, checks and adjustments before commissioning automatic doors may only be carried out by authorised technical staff. This way, we can prevent problems and accidents.

An automatic sliding door will add a touch of modernity and elegance, as well as improve the safety of any space.