The BIM methodology and automatic doors

Currently, architects and designers have the advantage of being able to see their architectural and design projects on screen. For example, some offices of a company or a block of houses. Automatic doors are increasingly incorporated into all types of buildings and, therefore, projected in BIM.

The automatic accesses both in the exterior façade and in the interior spaces represent an advance for the society of the 21st century. Thanks to the internet we can download and send a BIM automatic door object of any model available for use in the construction plans.

Designing, for example, the entrances of a building gives architects a product that will help achieve results that visitors will enjoy in the coming years. In addition to the free BIM objects, there is the possibility of working together in a relationship between the characteristics of the automatic doors and the architectural specifications that will help in the construction project.

The BIM methodology in projects

BIM objects help us design the perfect personalized entry for a project like a hospital, shopping center, airport or any other type of building. This technology is also widely used when designing large spaces such as hotels, where the revolving door or garage doors are the most important, without forgetting the elevator doors.

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling and refers to an integral method for the innovative planning of buildings using software. The construction data is recorded, processed and connected digitally through BIM. This methodology allows buildings to be designed, modeled, optimized and simulated. From the planning phase to the construction and operation, and even the demolition. BIM is also being used to optimize the maintenance of buildings and the management of their services, a specialty known as Facility Management.

All this is done in a single model in three dimensions (3D) in which all the participants work together. The model is improved throughout the planning and, in the end, an image of a real building is created.

Advantages of the BIM methodology

The BIM method provides the following advantages during the planning of the building:

  • Better exchange of information among all participants.

  • Continuous availability of high quality data.

  • Improved productivity

  • The errors are identified before

  • Greater planning and security in terms of costs

Manusa automatic doors are available with many personalized options, including motorizations, different dimensions and glass sheets, both transparent and framed, for example. This allows to adapt perfectly to the architecture and the aesthetics of any entrance according to the needs of the client.
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