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Which are the best automatic access control systems?

paneles ocultables controles de acceso manusa puertas automaticas access control automatic

There are endless models and products to meet customer needs in the automatic door market. We often need an access control system to control the traffic of people either by remote control, movement sensor, or an identification element such as a card.

Worth highlighting are the panel corridors, which adapt easily to the architectural space of offices or other types of building. Some have folding panels for the utmost safety, as they include a system that prevents those passing through them from becoming trapped. Also worth mentioning are the concealable panel corridors, which ensure controlled, fast and safe access by people. This model is often seen, for example, at railway stations or at the entrances and exits to the underground in large cities.

As well as these models, there are the popular tripod turnstiles, which can be classed as the safest and most traditional products for protecting certain areas of restricted access and are used in any type of building or area.

Also very popular along with tripod turnstiles, especially in industrial or sporting areas, are full-height turnstiles, for free-flowing entry and controlled exit to and from any area where they are installed.

Access control systems for vehicles

More specific access control systems include Bus Rapid Transit systems, the one-way corridors that are increasingly commonplace in airports in large cities, or the automatic platform doors installed in bus stations for greater traveller safety, as the access opens when the vehicle is ready for users to get on or off in an orderly manner.

Manusa has a significant number of products related to access control systems that already meet the needs of many customers worldwide.