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The best automatic doors for doorways, a great help in residential areas


In all residential and urban areas with blocks of dwellings, the common area that provides access to each home is the doorway. In this area we usually find the post-boxes, the lifts and the stairway. In a large number of cases, the building has a doorman or woman who is responsible for tasks for the resident community.

The doorway to a building is an area with a large flow of people. Every day, depending on the number of neighbours, a large number of people enter and leave the building to work, study, run errands or carry out leisure activities. The doorway to the building is exposed to the constant movement of people. If it is a manual door, its hinges must be well greased so they do not get damaged, and the closing system must have suitable resistance to prevent the door from slamming shut.

Installing an automatic door is a big help for residential doorways. It provides many advantages, such as giving an elegant and modern look to the entrance of an apartment block; it provides more natural light, since the door leaves can be completely transparent; and it facilitates the entrance and exit of people with reduced mobility, as there may be neighbours with wheelchairs, on crutches, as well as residents pushing prams or carrying shopping bags in their hands.

As well as improving safety and hygiene, another benefit of installing automatic doors is energy savings. Manusa’s intelligent accesses prevent the door being left carelessly open, with subsequent brusque changes in temperature.

Manusa has a wide range of automatic doors for residential areas. The following products are worth mentioning:

Are you the property administrator or the president of a residential building, and wish to install an automatic door in your apartment block? Contact us immediately and our team will advice you on the best intelligent access solutions for your residential area.

Do you manage or preside a community of neighbours and wish to install an automatic door in your block of flats? Contact us now and our team will advise you on the best smart access solutions for your residential area.