Automatic doors with bulletproof glass

Although we only usually see bank robberies in films, television series, on the evening news or in newspapers, it is a very traumatic experience if you have the misfortune to witness an armed robber entering into a local bank branch intent on stealing money.

For employees and customers alike, it is a haunting event that they would never wish to repeat. To prevent such incidents and crimes, banks install some very tough security measures, including surveillance cameras, police alert panic buttons or requirements for customers to withdraw small amounts of money from a cash machine located in the entrance or a wall outside the building.

Automatic doors are particularly helpful for bank employees, as they can open or close the doors remotely from their desk or office if the person who wants to enter seems to have bad intentions. While it is true that appearances can be deceptive, it is also true that intelligent access systems help prevent a frightening situation.

Doors with automatic opening and closure systems in banks are usually made from bulletproof glass. Manusa’s bulletproof doors are a completely reliable solution when it comes to protecting people and the surroundings in the event of an attack with a firearm. Besides installation in bank branches, they can also be used in other establishments according to each client’s needs.

The efficacy of anti-vandal doors

This type of glass also absorbs impacts from acts of vandalism such as the throwing of stones, paving slabs or street furniture. As such it is an excellent feature for banks and retail premises with large windows and which do not protect their storefront with any other security elements such as metal shutters. Anti-vandal doors are an ideal solution to avoid unpleasant surprises resulting from the actions of thieves or looters.
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