The benefits of automatic doors at home

We are used to seeing automatic doors in office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports and shopping centres, etc. It seems to be an element that is now fully integrated into our every-day lives. But automatic doors can be seen in only a few homes.

It is true, however, that most housing blocks or residential areas are quite old, and automatic doors were not commonplace when they were built. But if you were to stop in front of a newly constructed housing block, you would see that some builders and designers are choosing to integrate these products into their development projects.

They are generally seen in communal areas such as garage doors, which are activated by remote control, or the main entrance, which includes doors that open thanks to movement sensors. But could automatic doors be installed in other areas of the home?

The straightforward answer is yes. There are already some success stories in home automation, where many of the elements in the home can be automated. This can include switching the heating on and off, raising or lowering the blinds, etc.

What about the doors? Automatic door opening and closure systems can be installed in any room in the home. Imagine that you -or your children- are having a party at home and you want to make sure nobody can enter certain areas of the house. Simply install an access control system that uses a remote control or numeric code to prevent intrusions.

The elderly, children and pets protected in the home

Automatic doors in the home are also useful when you have vulnerable people living with you, such as children or the elderly. To can avoid a fright if you are able to maintain control over the different accesses in the home, such as children entering the kitchen and switching on the hob or picking up a knife. Furthermore, if you are disabled and move around in a wheelchair, an automatic door inside the home could may life easier.

Likewise, if you have a pet at home, you can control its comings and goings from the house to the garden by automating the doors.

It is your decision whether or not to install several automatic doors in the home. And builders and designers should be innovative and standardise this type of product in housing blocks and private homes. Will we see it soon?
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Juan Pérez
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