The benefits of installing an automatic door in a residential complex

Automatic doors have become a common feature in hundreds of properties around the world. We regularly see them in shopping malls, stores, hospitals, airports, offices, hotels... Their innovation and cutting-edge technology make them a popular feature.

Little by little, architects and builders have decided to include them in their housing developments. For homeowners' communities and residential areas, automatic doors and other types of intelligent accesses are an added value that is reflected in the daily life of the neighborhood in general and tenants in particular.

They provide benefits such as accessibility, since they allow the transit of people with mobility difficulties, who move in wheelchairs, push a baby stroller or have their hands full, as for example, when returning from shopping at the supermarket. Manual doors prevent full and smooth accessibility.

In addition, this type of automatic access ensures extreme security in the living area, as automated sensors detect any obstruction and can stop and reverse the doors immediately, preventing any door from being left open when leaving the premises. This also has an impact on the energy efficiency of the building and the houses, as it avoids sudden changes in temperature caused by drafts when the heating or air conditioning is on.

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Automatic doors, a great ally against COVID-19

In these times it is of utmost importance the hygiene in common areas and transit of people in all types of properties and communities of owners. Automatic doors help to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, since, by not having to touch them with their hands, people are safe from any contact with an area that has not been disinfected.

Undoubtedly, Manusa automatic doors provide a differential value that makes the accesses to a residential area exclusive, modern and at the forefront of the XXI century.
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