Automatic doors for the hospitality sector: guaranteed security

The hospitality sector, which includes hotels, restaurants and cafés, is one of the largest employers in countries and regions where the tertiary sector prevails. In other places it coexists on an even par with industry and agriculture. For all these spaces, automatic doors and intelligent accesses provide guaranteed security.

There are hotels, guest houses, or gîtes in all cities, where temporary accommodation is provided for work or leisure time. Arriving guests piled up with luggage are grateful when the doors to the building open automatically using a touchless or motion sensor so that they do not have to push the door with their hands full.

The same occurs in restaurants and cafés, in addition to the distinction and style of the established with entrances that welcome incomers with elegant glazed doors that open in the presence of customers. Added value for any restaurant business.

A safe space for customers and employees

Security is one of the characteristics of installing automatic doors in any property. These intelligent accesses not only show who is entering and leaving the location, but also allow for capacity control inside the building.

This is extremely useful for establishments dealing in food and beverages. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, hospitality businesses and accommodations have been hit hard, forcing them to close their doors for many months or even forever.

With the new normal, many restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels have reopened their doors with the intention of recovering the trust of their customers and of ensuring that their establishment is safe and free of infection. Automatic doors help with this because, among other aspects, they do not have to be touched in order to open or close.
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Juan Pérez
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