Manusa Automatic Doors: the Ideal Back-to-Office Solution

Every day, more companies are reducing the number of staff working from home, encouraging their employees to return to the office. Thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccinations, the number of infections has reduced considerably.

To improve this return to working on site, many companies have chosen to install automatic doors at the entrances and exits of office buildings. Smart access systems, characterised by their high-level safety features and leading designs, also provide conditions that excel in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria, as well as improving energy efficiency in the building.

Manusa automatic access systems can be adapted to any existing architectural project, allowing the installation to be carried out quickly and without causing a nuisance for employees.

Manusa access controls can be integrated with different validation systems, to prevent any person outside of the company from entering without authorisation. This is a guarantee against theft and intrusion, thanks to biometric systems, fingerprints, facial recognition, RfiD cards etc...

Both exterior and interior automatic doors in offices help against the spread of coronavirus, because they do not need to be touched for opening and closing.

Additionally, automatic doors help prevent abrupt changes in temperature, reducing the electricity bill; an open door could drive up energy costs.

The Best Automatic Access Systems for Offices and Office Buildings

Thanks to Manusa, there is a wide variety of smart access opening and closing systems. All of these comply with the most demanding international standards.

On the one hand, there are automatic sliding, swing or revolving doors. Installed on the outside of the building, they make a positive impression on users.

On the other hand, once inside the building, Manusa can install an access control system that is a great help to the company’s security services, while at the same time improving considerably the comfort of the employees.

The corridors with panels and turnstiles have been installed in thousands of companies around the world and, in addition to allowing access to the office, they also help in monitoring attendance, commonly referred to as clocking-in.

Manusa plays an active role in the fight against coronavirus infections, and their access solutions contribute in making offices safe working environments, free from the fear after the continuous pandemic waves.
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