The advantages of hermetically sealed automatic doors for operating theatres

In a healthcare complex such as a clinic, a health centre, a nursing home or a hospital, it is essential for the safety and hygiene of employees and patients, along with those accompanying them, to be a crucial issue.

Most of these healthcare sites have operating theatres. This type of room set up for surgical operations require extreme care, as patients entering the operating theatre might often be subject to different medical interventions.

One of the important aspects, as well as the professionalism of the doctors and nurses, and the technical equipment, involves the entrances to the rooms where operations take place. Four necessary elements can be underlined here: hygiene, appearance, airtightness, functionality and safety.

This post discusses airtightness. It is essential for an operating theatre to be airtight to avoid any external contamination. Remember that doctors and nurses wash their hands several times before starting an operation. The theatre must be equally hygienic, and airtightness helps with this.

Hermetic operating theatres to protect against viruses

Hermetically sealed automatic doors provide an exceptional seal against dust and other harmful airborne elements. They minimise their movement and the transmission of particles, virus, pathogenic bacteria and other contaminants.

These hermetic doors for operating theatres -also available for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cubicles- can be sliding, swing, or lead-lined. All the doors designed and manufactured by Manusa meet functionality, appearance and hygiene requirements.

For more free-flowing movement by medical staff, different types of presence sensors or buttons can be installed at the entrances, as required. The door can also be fitted with a vision panel containing a flush-mounted, elegant and easy to clean camera.

Hygiene is guaranteed with Manusa products thanks to the use of materials such as stainless steel or high pressure laminate (HPL) available in a wide range of colours. The healthcare sector must be one hundred percent safe.
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