Manusa took part in the SICUR International Security Exhibition

SICUR, the International Security Exhibition, was held in Madrid from 25th to 28th February 2020. Manusa was there with its products. Visitors were impressed by its access control and security systems, which are compatible with any validation system: either a card reader, RFID, or digital.

Manusa aims its work and strategy at access control applications and integration solutions such as facial recognition and fingerprint readers, among others. What’s more, this year’s SICUR included new innovations such as the circular airlock.

International presence this year represented 23.5 percent of the rate of participation at the exhibition, with 2,016 companies from 31 different countries. Furthermore, there were 706 exhibitors, 8.6 percent up on the 2018 edition.

Visitors to SICUR were given the unique chance to see one of the widest ranges in security and discover the latest proposals from a state-of-the-art sector in technology, design and innovation that turns the exhibition into its greatest showcase every two years.

The exhibition is divided into three main sectors. Firstly, workplace safety, which included innovations in materials, work equipment, clothing, etc. Secondly, the fire and emergency security sector.

And a third area devoted to the section called "Security", where Manusa was present with its stand. The different companies were able to show, for example, significant improvements regarding the installation of video surveillance equipment and systems, the use of artificial intelligence, biometric facial detection, systems that prevent false alarms, smart safes, explosion-proof doors, and other proposals.

Manusa would like to thank everyone who visited us at our stand during the exhibition.
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Juan Pérez
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