Access Control Systems Security

One of the most important features of access control systems is security. These types of products are designed to check people entering and exiting a site, regardless of whether it is private or public.

Each access control made by Manusa uses the latest technology and features a versatile design that adapts, wherever it is installed, to any type of access.

One of the fears of most people when passing through automatic access points is that they will close on them for no reason. Manusa access controls have an anti-entrapment system that guarantees the safety of anyone passing through them.

Safeguarding the security of sensitive spaces such as official or corporate buildings, and ensuring there are no unknown intrusions is essential for governments and companies. Access control systems by means of biometrics, fingerprints, facial recognition or RfiD proximity cards (radio-frequency identification), among others, provide a surveillance guarantee for limited and restricted access areas, or for areas with strict access control requirements. These computerised elements allow identity tests to be performed by checking surveillance lists and risk-assessment databases, to provide instant and complete real feedback.

Together with these elements, automatic controls also enable access supervision using photocell barriers, so that people from outside the facilities or the building can be detected.

Types of Access Control Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Additionally, any small or medium-sized company can use access controls not just at the main entrances, but also to section an area that requires specific express authorisation, such as gyms and spas in hotels, industrial buildings or office complexes.

For small and medium-sized companies the recommended options are corridors with swing panels, corridors with hidden panels, turnstiles or motorised panels.
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