What are the advantages of capacity control for customers?

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the plans and routines of people worldwide. And not just people. Companies have also suffered the presence of this virus and have had to re-adapt their businesses or, worse still, shut down.

In an attempt to increase safety in spaces of all kinds, many companies have chosen to install a capacity control system over recent months in order to control the number of people allowed into an area, whether it be indoors or outdoors. These places include restaurants, industrial enclosures, cafés, banks, theatres, concert halls or shops, among others.

But what advantages are there for people entering these spaces wearing a mask, ensuring social distancing, and with sanitiser gel on their hands?

  • People have more peace of mind

  • Crowds are prevented

  • Users know that they are in a safe place from the virus

  • Being in a space that guarantees all this thanks to automatic doors

The system provides non-personal real-time data, enabling companies to automate the counting of people who are in a building. This product counts the people who enter the premises, those who remain inside, and those leaving. This means that employees do not have to spend time controlling the entrances to the property. The switches are already doing this for them.

How to know how many people enter a property?

Many business owners ask themselves how many people enter their business every day, how customers behave on the premises, in which part of the shop they spend most time, or which products on the shelves or displays they look at most frequently.

But this does not only involve the search and purchase period, but also the time they have to wait to pay, or the conversion ratio. All these issues are already measured on e-commerce websites. This is now also possible in real life thanks to the capacity control system.
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Juan Pérez
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