What to do if an automatic door opens by itself and for no reason?

When we install automatic doors, there are only advantages. They make it easy for people to move around, users do not have to perform any actions and our doors increase the building’s energy efficiency by regulating the temperature.

But what happens when a door opens by itself and for no apparent reason? Most suppliers of these products tend to have a customer support service, but they are not always 100% reliable. Manusa’s experience means we always achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. The company is ever-present throughout the purchasing process and after-sales period.

How to resolve automatic doors opening by themselves without any reason? In the case of an office building, the company should contact our customer support service to report the incident, so we may resolve it as soon as possible. We can be contacted by telephone, probably the most suitable option, or via email.

Automatic garage doors that open for no apparent reason

Private customers who have a problem with an automatic door in their home such as a garage door should contact us by email. It can be a relatively common problem among users with this type of access in their homes. If it needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency, customers should contact us by telephone to talk with a maintenance technician in order to fix the problem as soon as possible.

In general, garage doors open by themselves because of a fault with the drive unit. This may be due to an error during installation or poor-quality technical equipment. The most recommendable units to avoid such problems are the latest models of Visio motors. An automatic door, whether a sliding or swing model, which does not close correctly or opens by itself is an example of “you get what you pay for” if you do not select a good drive unit.

Which are the best automatic doors?

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