How to solve the most frequent faults in automatic doors?

When a part of a traditional, hinged manual door is damaged, we always choose to attempt to repair it ourselves or contact a locksmith to solve the problem. Either because it opens by itself, because the door has dropped slightly on its hinges, or because the lock isn’t working as well as it should.

But what happens if the door is automatic? Other factors come into play here, as not everyone has sufficient mechanical or engineering knowledge to solve this type of incident. Therefore, it is always recommendable to contact the technical service and customer service departments of the manufacturer so that an expert in automatic doors can visit the business or home and repair the product and system as soon as possible.

Typical problems with an automatic door

There is a series of faults that are very commonplace in buildings and spaces -such as airports, banks, common-interest developments, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, businesses, industrial units, hospitals, offices or transport- that have automatic opening and closure systems.

The most frequent is for the door not to open. For example, the user might approach an automatic sliding door but the movement switch does not respond. The technical service must therefore inspect the computer system, which might have been deprogrammed, and the drive unit as soon as possible.

The case might also arise when the door opens by itself for no reason or when the opening and closing speed is too fast or slower than normal. Likewise, the best solution to this fault is to contact the technical service so that a professional in automatic doors can help you as much as possible.

Other faults that might arise include breakage of one of the leaves of the product, the remote control system to open and close intelligent accesses no longer working, or any of the accessories not working normally.

How to repair an automatic door

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