Ferroflex Obtains New Fire-Resistance and Smoke- Control Certifications

Ferroflex, a leading company in the manufacture of industrial doors, in their constant adaptation to the evolving market and the needs of their customers, has obtained new fire-resistance and smoke-control certifications in their EI 60, EI90 and EI120 fire doors.

After undergoing different fire-resistance and smoke-control tests in space enclosure elements and opening windows, Ferroflex doors have successfully passed these tests.

EI 60, EI 90 and EI120 doors have been certified in their entirety, and have followed the trials in accordance with the UNE EN 1634-1:2016+A1 2018 standard, and with the classification of the UNE EN 13501-2:2009 standard.

The EI (integrity and insulation) classification defines the resistance that the materials have for a fixed period until flames or gases appear, or when a significant heat transfer is not produced on the surface of the door that is not exposed to fire. For Ferroflex doors, this classification corresponds to doors that insulate for 60 minutes (EI60), 90 minutes (EI90) and 120 minutes (EI120).

These types of fire doors are comprised of assembled panels, surrounded with 3- millimetre corrugated U piece. Each panel is constructed from 0.7-millimetre-thick lacquered steel sheet with a 150 kg/m3 rock wool core, making a self-supporting unit.

Sliding and Swing Fire Doors

The range offered by Manusa includes automatic sliding doors, both vertical and horizontal, and automatic swing door for pedestrian use.

In addition, the fire doors are painted with an oven-lacquered coating, and have a non- flammable and flame-retardant airtight seal. They provide two types of closing: on one side, a spring-rope pulley closing system, keeping the door supported thanks to a leaf securing device; and on the other, an inclined guide closing system, that closes the door by gravity.

These types of automatic doors provide maximum safety for facilities and users in the event of uncontrolled fires. Their reinforced design is ideal for dividing and protecting certain areas within commercial premises, residential areas, dwellings and healthcare facilities, preventing fire from spreading.
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