How automatic doors help Facility Management

The Facility Manager is an increasingly popular figure in the different economic sectors. Large and medium-sized enterprises have a Facility Management or General Services in their organisational chart.

Their management role is based on ensuring everything operates to an optimum level in a property or a group of buildings, whether they are offices, a shopping mall, an airport, a hotel chain or a group of industrial units. Put more simply, this is the person or group of employees responsible for maintenance in a company.

Over recent years, this department has gained strength due to the automation of processes and services, as well as the digitisation of a large number of companies. Software is available to help the Facility Manager control all the management processes on a computer screen, tablet or smartphone.

Along these lines, the installation of automatic doors helps the Facility Management department in several aspects:

  • Access control: Automatic doors or intelligent accesses in a property or building provide a view of who is entering or leaving the premises, thanks to biometrics or employee ID cards. The maintenance manager would be unaware of this data with manual doors. Furthermore, it is possible to remotely ascertain whether an automatic door is operating properly or whether it is damaged.

  • Energy optimisation: one of the aspects of the sustainability and environmental care strategies involves not wasting energy. In winter, any door or window left open by mistake leads to a drop in temperature and, subsequently, an increased use of heating. In summer, the entry of warm air makes air conditioning relatively ineffective, thus leading to its increased use. In both cases, this leads to an increase in the electricity bill and a waste of energy.

  • Capacity control: The Manusa capacity control system provides a Facility Manager with real-time information on the volume of people in a building. This especially helps at times when social distancing is necessary to avoid viral infection.

  • Security: it is extremely important for any company to know that its buildings and their contents are secure. The incorporation of IoT technology provides rapid information on any type of security-related problem at any of our accesses.

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