How to repair the folding leaves of automatic sliding doors for escape routes?

All over the world, automatic doors are used in a wide variety of buildings. The most common are sliding doors, which are found at the entrances of shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals and other buildings.

In these buildings with many people, it is important to have automatic emergency or panic break-out doors with folding leaves. These not only allow the passage of people and belongings, but also offer the added value of safety in the event of any type of emergency, such as evacuation because of a fire or for any other reason.

Accesses equipped with this folding system maximize the passage area for an evacuation. In an emergency, the leaves are opened up manually rather than using the mechanism. This characteristic means that its maintenance must be very rigorous, since it is something that will help to save lives in case of emergency.

If the door becomes defective, the first step to take is to notify Manusa's technical service. It is vital that the damage to the door is not repaired by the customer himself, as this could worsen the damage. Manusa technicians will repair and provide spare parts, if necessary, whether the door is Manusa or any other manufacturer.

Repairing the breakdown of an automatic panic break-out sliding door

The breakdowns that can occur in a door with hinged leaves can be linked to various reasons:

  • The glass leaf is damaged by a collision

  • The glass leaf does not swing out completely

  • The door profile is damaged and chafing

  • The automatic bolt is damaged and does not respond

  • Door security devices do not work

Manusa automatic panic sliding doors with movable and fixed leaves are hinged when pushed manually. They fold back on both sides and provide ample space for evacuation in the event of an emergency or an occasional requirement such as the passage of a bulky item such as a vehicle in a car dealership, or a large item of goods. The normal operation of the doors is restored by placing the leaves in their original position.

Do you need to install automatic sliding folding doors in your business or property? Contact us now and we will make a design, manufacture, and installation to measure so that the people who access your building or premises are completely safe in case of any incident.
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