Turnstiles provide great benefits when controlling access

Large crowds of people often gather together at stadiums to enjoy sporting events or at arenas for concerts and music festivals. The same applies to race tracks when they host car or motorbike races.

Turnstiles are the perfect access control solution for spectators visiting such venues. They are particularly comfortable for users thanks to their high throughput rate and ensure a high degree of security for the venue. Users are reassured by the safe, silent operation when passing through the turnstile.

As an optional extra, Manusa turnstiles can be installed with a roof to protect them from rain and sunlight. Manufactured with a lacquered aluminium finish, our turnstiles have a high resistance to corrosion so they are extremely durable and robust.

They also feature the following characteristics:

  • Anti-climb design. This prevents people climbing into the venue enclosure both during an event and when the premises are empty and being monitored by security staff.

  • Integrated ID validation systems. These can be linked to biometric programs, fingerprint readers, facial recognition or RFID cards. This increases security and control over the flow of people.

  • Range of access controls. Transit can be determined with two-way, one-way or multi-step access control.

  • Six configurable operating modes. Manusa has one of the broadest ranges of turnstiles available on the market.

Client’s can select between an electromechanical or motorised model depending on their needs. The rotation speed of Manusa’s turnstiles can be adjusted to the force with which user’s push on the turnstile.

Manusa’s sales team will be delighted to advise any collective or company looking to install turnstiles at their venue. A technological solution that offers big advantages and benefits to sports clubs and associations.
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Juan Pérez
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