Why does applying BIM improve the sustainability of architectural projects?

Technology has enabled many of the processes developed in architecture to become more efficient and less expensive. Thanks to BIM methodology, architectural projects have reached previously unknown levels of perfection.

When talking of BIM (Building Information Modelling), its meaning can be explained as a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of an installation. It is a knowledge resource that is shared to obtain information that helps make decisions during the entire duration of the installation, from its design on a computer screen thanks to software to the decision to demolish it.

This methodology includes data and information on the design of the building or structure, and its complex engineering. With this, it is possible to make changes to a project, as BIM is processable and accessible. This also makes it sustainable, as it helps all players in the project when choosing whether a piece of architecture should be, for example, more energy efficient and very environment friendly.

Sustainable and environment-friendly BIM

Reducing environmental impact is one of the raisons d'être of an increasing number of companies and people. This includes the materials used in the construction of buildings and the different products integrated into them. For example, automatic doors increase energy efficiency, as they prevent a door from being left open by mistake, changing the temperature inside a room and leading to an unnecessary waste of energy.

Furthermore, it is positive for all companies because it involves corporate social responsibility. Companies must strive to implement their architectural projects using BIM methodology and applying sustainable processes. The environment and future generations will thank them for it.
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Juan Pérez
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