Why Is an Automatic Door More Sustainable than a Traditional Door?

Sustainability has become an essential element for many companies, and for society at large. Caring for the environment and the world around us is a task that concerns everyone; because of this, each day actions are taken and decisions made so that where we live in a more sustainable place, now and in the future.

The presence of automatic doors in constantly increasing. Offices, shopping centres, hotels or clinics are spaces which are usually accessed by a door that opens and closes without the use of our hands.

But, what level of sustainability do these products supply to the buildings where they are installed? Are technology and automation sustainable? Is an automatic door more sustainable than a manual one?

Manusa automatic doors help to improve energy efficiency thanks to their opening and closing speed, which contributes to minimising heat transmission and the leaking and infiltration of air. The smart radars detect the presence and/or movement of people and also contribute to sustainability, since they only open the door when it is necessary.

The automatic doors ideal for improving sustainability of a building are:

Sustainability provides added value for companies and people

As manufacturers, Manusa always has original spare parts permanently in stock, to guarantee quick and efficient repairs. Also, thanks to the maintenance contracts and preventative checks, we can extend the useful life of the automatic doors.

With manual doors, if a part breaks, such as the handle or the hinges, it may be necessary to change the entire door if the spare parts cannot be found because the product is now obsolete.

Sustainability improves health and quality of life, not only for the buildings but also for the employees and visitors to the building, who will deem the company to be a good place to work and visit.

Do you want your building to show its commitment to the environment? It begins at the point of access. Contact us now.

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