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Automatic doors for physiotherapy and traumatology clinics

Puertas automaticas clinicas fisioterapeuticas traumatologicas fisioterapia traumatologia manusa puerta automatica

Automatic doors are often found in medical centers of all kinds. In addition to the main entrances of hospitals, they are also found in ophthalmology and dentistry clinics, or where cosmetic surgery is performed.

One of the areas dedicated to people's health are physiotherapy, osteopathy, and traumatology clinics. These specialties treat ailments and pathologies related to muscles and bones. When we have lower limb injuries or breaks, whether in the knee, hip, feet or other areas, the automatic doors are of great help when arriving at a doctor's appointment.

Commonly, the patient will arrive clutching crutches or moving in a wheelchair and wearing a bandage or cast. If he finds an intelligent access at the entrance of the building, the presence or movement sensor will activate the glass leaves and the person will not have to use his hands, which would happen if the building had manual doors.

In Manusa we are specialized in design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of automatic doors in the sanitary sector. Our products have important features such as functionality and security. For entrances and exits to trauma and physiotherapy clinics, the best options are:

It is also common for medical centers to have an operating room and an X-ray room for X-rays and MRIs. Automatic hermetic doors and leaded doors are very useful and safe in this situation. All our intelligent accesses comply with current regulations and are manufactured with the best materials on the market so that the result is durable and of high quality.

Do you have a clinic to treat patients who require physiotherapy treatments or trauma care? Contact Manusa now and we will advise you on the best access solutions that will improve the experience of the people who come to your health center.

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