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Elegant smart access in hotels as added value for guests

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Decision-making on many aspects of people's lives is influenced by the smallest details. A recommendation from another person, advertising, sensations or a good memory influence this. Repeating an action - such as returning to a place or buying a product again - is not only because we liked it at a certain moment, but also because it made us feel good at that moment.

User experience is highly developed by most companies to maintain customer loyalty. The hotel industry is fully aware of this. The small detail is an intrinsic practice in many hotels since guest care is a key part of the purpose of the accommodation and its employees.

One of the elements that is becoming more and more common in hotels around the world are automatic doors. They lend convenience, a modern look and elegance to the entrances and exits of the building's reception area. Guests appreciate not having to use their hands to push or pull a manual door, especially when they have their hands full with luggage. In addition, automatic doors ensure the building's energy efficiency by avoiding sudden temperature changes that increase electricity bills. The elegance and convenience of smart access when arriving at the doors of a hotel makes guests satisfied from the beginning of their stay.

The best automatic doors for a hotel

Manusa has a wide range of products for all types of sectors. These access models are ideal for the entrance of a hotel:

In addition to the entrances to the building, Manusa also offers automatic doors for other rooms in the hotel complex such as the kitchen or common areas such as the spa, dining room, gym, or meeting rooms.

In addition, Manusa provides maintenance service and technical assistance for intelligent accesses, so that they are always in perfect working order and a possible breakdown does not cause any inconvenience for the activity of the establishment.

If you manage or run a hotel, it is time to install automatic doors to add elegance to your business. How to do it? Contact us now and we will tell you the steps to follow so that your customers have the best experience and come back to choose your hotel to stay again whenever they return to the city.