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The best automatic doors and access control systems for hotels

New technologies and innovation are becoming more and more important in people's everyday lives and spaces. It is common to see innovative products in a variety of sectors and places, with the aim of offering improvements, making us more comfortable and helping us in our daily lives. Among these innovations are intelligent accesses.

It is very common for customers to find automatic doors both outside and inside hotels. There are a variety of accesses that improve the guests' stay. Some of them are:

Manusa smart access for hotels has several beneficial features for the guest experience. Their installation provides accessibilityhygiene, and uniqueness in the designs.

In addition, Manusa has a technical assistance service to solve any incident that may occur, both in our own intelligent accesses and in those of other manufacturers. In case an automatic door stops working for any reason, our technical team can quickly travel to the hotel where the incident occurs to solve it as soon as possible, ensuring that the establishment can continue with its normal activity.

sistemas de control de acceso para hoteles

Accessories to improve the hotel stay

It is also important to highlight the hands-free systems, by which a door can be opened and closed using a detection sensor, activated by approach, without the need to touch it; the occupancy control system, which helps us to know the number of people in the same space of the hotel at the same time, for example a convention hall; or the access identification system, common in hotels, as it allows us to access restricted areas or areas for private use such as rooms or offices.

Are you the manager of a hotel chain or run a small hotel and want to improve the experience of your customers? Contact us now and we will tell you which are the best automatic doors for your business.