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The best automatic doors with transparent leaves

puerta automatica transparente manusa transparent automatic door

When we think of automatic doors, the first things that come to mind are shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels or airports. These are products that we are very familiar with in most cities.

Manusa manufactures and installs automatic doors, with the option of choosing the type of leaf. This will mainly depend on the client’s needs, whether they require maximum transparency such as the entrance to a shop, or a certain level of privacy, for example the entrance to a clinic.

The glass in the leaves can be opaque, translucent, vinyl coated or fitted with LEDs , making each automatic door unique. Whatever the need, Manusa adapts and customises all of its products in terms of size, finish and colour.

Depending on the size, characteristics of the place and the client’s needs, the door can have a single-slide opening leaf to the left or to the right; two bi-parting opening leaves; four telescopic opening leaves; or two telescopic single-slide leaves. These can be fixed or mobile leaves.

Speedy, robust automatic doors with transparent leaves

The weight of the transparent leaves guarantees their robustness as well as their safety; there is no danger of them dislodging due to the way in which the glass is fixed to the other elements in the automatic door. It is important to remember that the opening and closing speed of the leaves will depend on the drive unit installed in the door. All of Manusa’s operators are compatible with this type of leaf.

How are the leaves of an automatic door repaired?

Manusa’s Technical Support Service will help repair any malfunction that the automatic door leaf may experience, be it a knock, breakage, or fault. Carrying out any type manual repair is not recommended since this might permanently damage the door.