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The Best Automatic Access Systems for Sports Centres

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Sport forms part of daily life for millions of people worldwide. Most small and medium-sized cities have at least one sports centre, which is visited by people of all ages and fitness in order to improve their health, their physical appearance or to have some fun with friends.

The presence of sports centres is multiplied exponentially in large cities. The existence of properties and buildings housing gyms, indoor pools, sports halls and sports stadiums, or clubs to practice and play sports such as padel tennis or tennis, is increasingly commonplace.

Access control systems can often be found in many gyms, such as speed gates, concealable- panel corridors, turnstiles or motorised swing panels, which guarantee access for sports centre users and personnel. Users must swipe a proximity card or RFID bracelet over these devices for convenient access with no need for contact.

In most cases, we visit the gym or sports centre carrying a bag or rucksack with our clothes or with the material we need to play the sport, such as a racket or a ball. Thanks to automatic doors, we will no longer have to use our hands to enter or exit the building, which is extremely convenient for customers and users.

Advantages and Benefits of Automatic Doors and Intelligent Accesses in Sports Areas

Intelligent accesses are also an advantage for the owners and administrators of the buildings where sports are played. Automatic doors improve the energy efficiency of the property, as they prevent sudden changes in temperature. They are also beneficial to employees during the working day and for those spending a few hours a week there, as not having to touch the doors with your hands reduces the possibility of transmitting viruses or bacteria.

Computerised access controls that are activated by a user card or RFID bracelet also provide the sports centre with information on the influx of people into the building, avoiding unwanted intruders and controlling whether the person entering has paid the corresponding fee.

Many architects already include automatic doors and access controls as an essential part of their projects for sports facilities. Contact us now and we will inform you of the variety of Manusa intelligent accesses for sports centres.