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The advantages of installing automatic doors in a dental clinic

clinica dental puertas automaticas manusa

The healthcare sector is always looking for the well-being of patients. More and more hospitals and clinics are committed to ensuring that this comfort is present in all aspects, beyond those specific to medical disciplines.

Natural light, computerised services, comfortable seating in waiting rooms, the presence of plants in corridors and consultation rooms, as well as speeding up medical appointments are some of the added values that improve the experience of people who have to visit a healthcare centre. Intelligent accesses also increase this well-being and are part of the advantages provided by neuroarchitecture.

More and more buildings in the health sector have automatic doors at their entrances and exits. This improves the conditions of the building in several ways, as it brings multiple benefits:

  • It brings elegance and avant-garde
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Facilitates the flow of people and enhances functionality
  • Increases hygiene
  • Increases security
  • Adds airtightness in medical areas where it is necessary

Manusa automatic doors can be installed in dental, odontology and maxillofacial surgery clinics. According to the needs of the building, our team of professionals designs and manufactures the doors with the required dimensions so that they can be perfectly integrated in the space. Within the Manusa catalogue, the best intelligent accesses for a dental clinic are the standard automatic sliding door, the automatic telescopic sliding door and the automatic swing door

The best automatic door for the operating room of a dental clinic

In addition to external accesses, it is also essential to install automatic doors in operating theatres where oral and dental surgery is performed. The best solution for this type of space is the automatic hermetic door. This product guarantees high levels of hygiene in a medical area that must be free of viruses and bacteria.

Dental clinics also have rooms for X-ray examinations. The installation of automatic lead lined doors for X-ray rooms improves the stay of doctors and patients, guaranteeing total isolation in such a sensitive area.

Do you run a dental clinic or hospital and want to install automatic doors? Contact us now and we will inform you of the best integral solutions in intelligent accesses to improve the stay of your patients.