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Maintenance and repair of automatic gates in residential areas

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More and more estates and housing developments are opting to incorporate automatic doors at the main entrances to buildings. Many architects, builders and real estate developers include intelligent pedestrian accesses in their projects, which represent an added value for both residents and those wishing to buy or rent a home in a new area.

The presence of an automatic door at the entrance to a multi-block development or at the main entrance to a residential building allows barrier-free access, which is essential for people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users or families with a baby stroller.

In addition, its lock cannot be tampered with, which increases the security of the entrance to the building. It is undoubtedly a better solution than manual doors, as it adds a touch of modernity and prestige to the building and improves its energy efficiency.

The ideal automatic doors for residential areas are the standard sliding door and the telescopic sliding door. Both Manusa products offer accessibility, security, hygiene, design, and exclusivity for the community of neighbors where they are installed. They are an added value for any residential space and require maintenance to ensure optimum performance and extend their useful life. In addition, we also offer the option of automating manual swing gates. How can we repair intelligent accesses in a neighborhood? 

The best automatic gate maintenance service

First, it is essential to ensure that no neighbor or inexperienced person makes any repairs. The door and any of its elements could suffer damage and lose their warranty. When the motor, the glass leaves, the door accessories or the electrical system are damaged, it is necessary to contact Manusa's technical service so that our qualified professionals can carry out the correct repairs and replace the parts that need to be replaced. In addition, at Manusa, we not only repair and maintain our automatic doors; we also repair breakdowns and maintain products of other brands.

If you want to install intelligent accesses in your building, contact us now and the Manusa team will design, manufacture and install automatic doors in your block of apartments with the best materials and an after-sales technical service always available.